Meet Your VA

My clients might conceivably like to know some things about me.  Here are some tidbits that might help others to form a picture about me in their mind:

  1. I am a Jane Austen fanatic.  I love her books and my absolute favorite is Pride and Prejudice, even though I’ve read Persuasion more often.
  2. My favorite pastime is reading, as you probably discerned from the above comment.
  3. I am a vegan.  Yes, that means no bacon and no, I don’t miss it.
  4. Both of my parents are teachers.  They cultivated in me a love of learning and hard work, which I try to apply to my virtual assisting.
  5. My favorite band is Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan, one of the oldest mariachis in the world.  I have seen them in concert a few times and each time they get better.
  6. I really have been doing administrative work since I was a child.  I always was relied on to make sure my father’s home office was filed and organized.