I’m a virtual assistant who specializes in making life easier for busy people. Think about it for a moment.
What would you do if someone could take away the busy work that eats up your day? What does your business need? Contact me and start emptying your to-do list today!

When you hire me, you will get my best work. I don’t believe in half-baked anything. You and I will be a team. You can expect communication, organization, and quality results. I like to make things orderly and I like to help people. That’s why I like virtual assisting. There is something so satisfying about checking things off a to-do list and organizing to optimize a system.

Now, about who I am. I am a zero-waste-eco-friendly-vegan-hybrid-driving-nature-lover. Both of my parents are teachers, and both of my brothers are physicists-in-training. My family is very important to me. We live in California and I thoroughly enjoy the sunshine! My favorite show is I Love Lucy and when I’m not working I could be painting, cooking, working in our garden, or losing myself in a book.